Liberal election campaign chair says PKP uses his media as a political weapon


The well-known businessman heading the Quebec Liberals’ election campaign is saying Pierre Karl Péladeau uses his media properties to influence politics in the province.

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Alexandre Taillefer told a Montreal radio station Wednesday that journalists who work for Péladeau should question the impartiality of their reporting.

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Péladeau is the former Parti Québécois (PQ) leader who owns some of the province’s most popular media properties including Le Journal de Montréal and the LCN television network.

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Taillefer is himself a media owner in Quebec but he announced last week he is leaving the board of Mishmash Media, whose publications include L’Actualité magazine and biweekly alternative paper Voir.

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He says journalists who work for Péladeau are encouraged to fall in line with their owner’s political views and interests.

Péladeau responded to Taillefer on Twitter by suggesting the businessman isn’t ready for the political limelight and will buckle under pressure.